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Our plantation in Bančići
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Essential oils

About us

Dried Helichrysum Italicum has been exported from our region since Herzegovina was part of Yugoslavia. In fact, the healing properties of Helichrysum were well known by people of this region many hundreds of years ago. Ancient healers and physicians used this plant to treat a wide range of maladies, both internal and topical. Remains of ancient Greek city of Daorson (4th century BC) are located 1km North- West from our company′s headquarters. In History, citizens of Daorson were familiar with the use of Helichrysum for medicinal purpose. Our company was founded in 2015 wih the intension of offering our customers supreme quality essential oils produced under strict organic standards.

What we do

We currently have three plantations of Helichrysum Italicum with over two million plants with EcoCert organic certification. The plantations are on virgin soil already certified by government authorities and the Agromediterranean Faculty of the University “Džemal Bijedić” in Mostar. We have four distilleries in Herzegovina and we're planning our fifth distillery in Croatia. In addition to our plantations we are also planning to harvest wild herbs. Besides Helichrysum we will be producing the following oils: Melissa, Criste Marine, Rosemary, Laurel, Inula Graveolens.

We are proud owners of "Park Sunca Essential Oil Distillery" in Stolac, "Erbavita Essential Oil Distillery" in Berkovići and Golden Flower Essential Oil Distillery in Ljubinje.
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Destilerija eteričnih ulja u Stocu, u prostorima vinarije Stolac, započinje s sezonom destiliranja i prerade sviježe mase biljke - smilja u ponedjeljak, 17.6.2019.godine.

Princip suradnje destilerije i poljoprivrednog proizvođača:
- 0,50 KM / 1kg usluga destiliranja sviježe mase smilja ili
- 30 % od prinosa u ulja.

Svi zainteresirani poljoprivredni proizvođači mogu se javiti na broj telefona 063 202 244, počevši od 17.6.2019. godine.